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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Law Enforcement

   Law Enforcement MAD USERS...
          The clarity and size of the LT-PMS series makes them especially useful in any      situation where clear, verbal instructions or commands must be easily understood.       Law enforcement teams who are currently using various LT-PMS systems include:
          •    Bicycle officers
          •    Patrols officers
          •    Crown control
          •    Traffic control
          •    Tactical teams
          •    SWAT mobile command centers           
          •    Drug interdiction
          •    "Chopper" air support

          In recent months, the Los Angels Police Department (LAPD) and the Orange      County Sheriff Department have used several LT-PMS models to help maintain      civil  order at events where thousands of people had gathered for public      demonstrations.  Of one particular event with the LAPD, Deputy Chief Mike      Hillman wrote to Vahan Simidian, CEO of HPV Technologies, with these      observations about the effectiveness of their MAD speakers.
     Thank you so much for all of your help.  I have heard so much about you and your dedication to public safety and finally, I was able to meet you. 
     You have a tremendous reputation within our community.  The new audio system has revolutionized the way bicycle patrol officers do their job." 

      As you can see we (LAPD) have a lot of heart and need your assistance.  I believe your product will greatly enhance our (as well as others) ability to manage crowds.  Your attention to our needs cannot be appreciated enough.

     You are great.  Thanks!
     Deputy Chief Mike Hillmann, LAPD

Mr. Vahan Simidian II:
     Thank you very much for your support and dedication in assisting local law enforcement agencies.  Your cooperation with the Los Angeles Police Department has been greatly appreciated.  You have enhanced our communication abilities with the use of your Magnetic Audio Devices.  Deputy Chief Hillmann extends his appreciation and authorizes you to quote him in saying, 'This new audio system has revolutionized the way bicycle patrol officers do their job'. 
Sergeant Eric Lee
Officer in Charge, Bicycle Coordination Unit
Training Division , LAPD
 w/Bicycle Mount
LAPD Patrol Bicycle w/LT-PMS-1/BM
 & wireless microphone


   LT-PMS Speaker Description...
              The LT-PMS (Long Throw-Planar Magnetic Speaker) Series is a collection of      speakers designed specifically for long throw, speech transmission.  Tailored      with a frequency response that is perfectly match for the voice range, the      LT-PMS planar systems can transmit a live or prerecorded spoken message with      perfect articulation(1) .  Even at maximum volume, the sound remains absolutely      clear and distortion is virtually undetectable.

          The secret to the LT-PMS exceptional performance is the MAD-1 planar      driver.  This highly efficient (98 dB 1w/1m), full range speaker when used in a      single driver configuration, has a frequency response from 180 Hz to 18 KHz.   In      addition, the diaphragm’s extremely low mass produces a lightning fast response      which explains why the LT-PMS systems have such exceptional clarity and      intelligibility.  With just one driver, the commanding power, throw distance, and      vocal clarity from a single speaker is startling.   When multiple drivers are used      together in a single enclosure, the acoustical results are absolutely staggering!

          The seven speakers in this series are all built around the same MAD-1 driver.       The speaker’s model number indicates how many drivers are used in each unit.       As more drivers are combined together, two significant performance      characteristics change.  The speaker produced greater volume and the dispersion      pattern tapers down into a smaller, tighter area.  With a tighter pattern and      more available power, these speakers can produce a longer throw while      maintaining their clarity and volume.  Since the volume from planar speakers falls      off at a much lower rate than conventional speakers, typically 1.5 dB for each      doubling of distance, the potential working distance from the LT-PMS devices is      unmatched by any other product.  HPV calculates the potential throw distance of      each speaker as that distance when the speaker’s volume falls to 80 dB.

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          • For additional technical information about MAD Planar Speakers, go to                the  MAD Technical pages.
          • For additional background on these subjects of sound and speaker                physics,  go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loudspeaker
     Footnote 1: 
          In  2007, an independent testing laboratory performed articulation tests on      the LT-PMS speakers where they achieved a 100% perfect score on the CIS word      intelligibility test.