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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Mass Notification

Are you an Emergency




...is the public's safety at risk?



          What would you do if you were thrown into a massive emergency situation...

               ...like a Katrina size emergency?


               ...or an Oklahoma City bombing emergency?


               ...or a 7.5 earthquake size emergency?


               ...or a Columbine High School shooting emergency?


               ...or a raging forest fire inferno emergency?


       Have you asked yourself...


    •   What happens if your communication system fails in           an emergency? 

     •   Are lives in danger?  Will people die because they           don't know where or how to get help? 

     •   Will your team's safety be in jeopardy? 

     •   Can you instantly communicate to hundreds or even           thousands of people with life saving information? 

If you have any uncertainty with any of these questions...then you need to read on!  
...someone's life could depend on what you learn.
     •   Don't put your teams...or the public at risk. 
     •   Clear and articulate communication is absolutely           essential when an emergency hits. 
     •   Will your system work when lives are on the line?


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